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The innovative "PUSH&DRINK" line of self-heating beverages

The quickest break with the best flavour

Enjoy an excellent
hot drink
wherever you are

>> Press

>> Shake for 30 seconds

>> Wait 3 minutes and enjoy!

«Push&Drink» is a range of instant beverages with a special technology that heats the drink in its own pouch, so you always have a hot drink handy.
The coffee or tea in the pouch is separated from the heating system. The drink is free from colourants and preservatives, and offers guaranteed food safety. «Push&Drink» is a Made in Italy product.
«Push&Coffee» is your energy boost always within reach! Its pocket-size format makes it perfect to take with you wherever you go All the quality of Italian coffee ready in 3 minutes, available as sweetened, unsweetened or flavoured with hazelnut or caramel. Try our delicious new black tea with vanilla, «Push&Tea» and really enjoy your relaxing break.

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«COME ACQUA» is the reusable sanitising wet wipe in pure cotton

Come Acqua is our Made in Italy wet wipe, a small white towel made of pure cotton. COME ACQUA wipes are soaked and enriched with a solution of aloe vera from QAI-certified organic plantations, naturally watered and harvested by hand; they are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, free from alcohol and parabens. 

The disinfectant liquid contained in the wipes gives them great sanitising properties. Our wipes are ready to use at home, at the gym, in the office, while travelling or in public spaces to disinfect hands, skin and even surfaces; they are also reusable.

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Find out what makes our
COME ACQUA wipes so special!

Perfectly protected in certified packs

The double-layer packaging is designed for cosmetic products and provides an effective protective barrier, keeping the wipe intact and moist. The film is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and BRT Packaging CPNP.

Our sanitising wipes can be reused many times

COME ACQUA wipes can be used by adults and children, and reused many times at home, in the car or out and about. You can even keep them in the fridge for an even more refreshing wipe.

Soft and effective Made in Italy quality for any occasion!

A small towel that's perfect for the skin, made in 100% high quality absorbent 240 gsm pure cotton with an overlock finish: soft and hypoallergenic. Moistened in a water-based solution of aloe vera.

100% biodegradable - respects nature and you

"COME ACQUA" wipes can be reused, and when you've finished with them, you can dispose of them without worrying, because they're 100% biodegradable. The packaging is recyclable.

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